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Project Description
The Windows Live@EDU Single Sign On project provides a middle tier WCF service, as well as SharePoint web parts and direct connectors for providing Single Sign On from your student portal into the Windows Live@EDU environment.


Windows Live@EDU Single Sign On Service

This project contains three main components, all designed to facilitate the single sign on environment for the Microsoft® Live@EDU service.

Written by staff at the Chisholm Institute ( in South Eastern Melbourne, Victoria - it provides:
  • A middle tier Windows Communication Foundation service which handles connectivity and token issuing to the Windows Live@EDU service.
  • A .NET connector library to connect through the middle tier service or directly to the Microsoft Live@EDU single sign on service.
  • A SharePoint 2007 web part to facilitate connections.

Using these tools, you can provide a single sign on experience for your students to the Microsoft Live@EDU service from your web portal, removing the requirement for them to know their username or password and fully automating their mail experience.

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